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            GTST-The company year-end party dinner

            With the old words, auspicious dog to spring. The 2017 sales rose 12%, made explosion-proof fan, explosion-proof electric box production license, apply to the 7 national patents, Kunshan city science and technology research and development center, the new organic waste gas treatment equipment has won the high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, these achievements, cannot do without the efforts of colleagues and hard work. Kunshan oatuu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. held 2017 year-end party to thank colleagues and family: the feast, thanks to the help of the oatuu partner, thanks to oatuu customer trust. The new year opens new hope, the new blank carries the new dream, the happiness is all struggle out. We believe: 2018 we struggle hard, be of one heart and one mind, create brilliant!
            Wonderful program, win the warm applause; the lottery link, exciting; game link, everyone play happy, laughter constantly...

            In 2017, the award of outstanding staff and special dedication Award: Yoshito Hiromizu, awarded by Ding Zong. In 2018, the company's goal has been set up to achieve the goal, and the company will send more cars to more colleagues. In order to enable employees to realize their own value, the company will provide a better and larger platform. 2018, roll up sleeves, dry gas!

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